Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kiwi Extreme 40 Team.

At the iShares Cup at Skandia Cowes Week, a team of Kiwi sailors will take the reigns of Extreme 40 Volvo Ocean Race. Aaron McIntosh, Mark Kennedy, Ryan Houston and Andrew McLean will become to latest sailors to challenge for the iShares Cup on the blue boat.

McIntosh explains, “We will be the Rookie Extreme 40 team and that’s fine by me. Our biggest challenge will be to step up to the level of the top teams with only two days of pre-event training. Basicalla have set the bar very high and we will be keeping a close eye on them. We have talent in our team, it's just a case of moulding it into a tight unit, to get the most out the Extreme 40. These boats require precise teamwork in tight situations. Thrills and spills sit close together in these boats that’s what is so exciting about the class.”

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