Friday, August 3, 2007

The Extreme 40 is Action Action Action.


Bring it on. Racing just off the green in Cowes, beating up the shore to stay out of the current, a jibe set at the top mark so not to run aground, throw 8 boats at it, 12 -16 knots and you have plenty on. These boats require great team work. It's a case of you never stop running especially as the races are so short. A little mistake is so costly.

All in all we had a great day. A few little mistakes around the course cost us about 5 points at the end of the day. We feel a little out shape compared to the other teams as they have a few more races and some training under there belts, but we acquitted our selves well. Looking forward to the next races.

We had 2 4ths, 2 5ths and a 7th where we caught the bottom mark and had to do a 360 penalty. Over all we are in 5th.

Stay tuned.

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