Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ready for Action.

We are in Cowes and ready for the start of the iShares Cup.

We have had 2 full days on the water, coming to grips with how the Extreme 40 needs to be set up and sailed. Our boat was rigged and ready to sail from Hamble. On launching the boat we towed out into the Solent and hoisted, sailing into a building breeze of 8-10 knots. Quickly and easily flying a hull we were off, Andy and Ryan were impressed. So this is what you were raving about.

With a little bit of straight lining we threw a few maneuvers in. "Oh" we need a bit of work on them. After about 50 tacks,jibes, hoists and drops we all know what we are doing we and had it down pat by the end of our first day.

With a little bit boat work and some press with BBC 1 and Ellen McAurther on our boat we got in to another day of sailing. Not such great conditions, rain not to un common in England and a light breeze.

Ready of not we have done as much as we can and are all excited to get into it. Not a lot of breeze forecast but 10 knots should see some great racing.

Stay tuned.

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